12/31/22 - Bassbunny Presents: Enter The New Year

12/31/22 - Bassbunny Presents: Enter The New Year

First and foremost, can we just tell y'all how amazing and wonderful you are?
Actually you're not just wonderful, you're MAGNIFICENT.
For over a decade we've been bringing you multi-genre heavy-hitting bass music and now that our new home venue is getting ready to open their doors, we're FINALLY ready to hit the groundn running. For years you've supported us through many challenges and if it weren't for YOU and your continued support, we wouldn't be able to continue doing what we do. So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU. Let's welcome 2023 with happiness, energy, community and obviously *LOTS* of dancing.
We are VERY excited to bring you a multi-genre heavy hitting lineup consisting of some incredibly fun and high energy artists.
CODD DUBZ - Hailing from Long Island, New York is Matt Coddington aka Codd Dubz. After coming across dubstep from a New York Hip-Hop background, It wasn’t too long before he picked up on it to start creating his own set of sounds and a signature in his production. Codd Dubz has made a name for himself chopping up faders on the mixer with his energetic performances behind the CDJs all around the U.S, Australia, Europe & Canada. Besides his energetic performances also comes his music. Codd Dubz has released music on labels such as Never Say Die: Black Label, Disciple Round Table & Circus Records just to name a few. His music gaining the support of acts such as 12th Planet, Liquid Stranger, FuntCase, Herobust, Borgore & more.
AL ROSS - Colossus of Crust. Titan of Turn Up. Pashmina Demon Princess. Polo Sport Rave Daddy.
They go by many names, and sports many looks on his journey through time and space – hellbent on spreading love, passion, and chest-rattling bass music with the help of their partner in justice and trusted dog, Derrick.
They are best known as Al Ross.
60% Man, 40% Woman, 100% Ready to F***.
Born and based in Los Angeles, Alex’s love of music began in his childhood – when their mother would bring home CDs from the likes of Rob Zombie, Static X, The Prodigy, Limp Bizkit, and Linkin Park to name a few. Their major influences would grow to include Davey Havok, Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, George Michael, Method Man, and Lil Peep. Having come up through the LA bass music underground, Alex has gone on to perform across North America, Europe, and Australia, touring with the likes of Svdden Death, YAKZ, and Phiso to name a few. Their most notable plays include Bassrush Massive, Bass Canyon, Thunderdome, Lost Lands, and ANIMALZ. Alex began producing in 2011 & has released music through labels such as NSD: Black Label, Buygore’s Frshblood, Bassweight Records, SUBLMNL, and Dubstar.
TEDDY KILLERZ - In terms of versatility, their are few in their realm. Russian-born trio Teddy Killerz has continually broken boundaries since their inception, trophying a formidable discography and executing numerous international tours while showing-absolutely no sign of stagnation. Through a widespread set of releases on legendary labels such as OWSLA, BMG, Universal, Ram, Playaz, Eatbrain, Vision, UKF and many more, the team has proven time and time again that they are an undeniable force to be reckoned with. More recently, theyʼve released the massively-successful collaboration with Moody Good as well as an official remix for Noisia that paved the way for 2017. Most notably, the trio championed a groundbreaking collaboration project including synergetic releases with the likes of Audio, Icicle, June Miller, Counterstrike, DJ Craze, Gridlok, and Annix with a live presentation based in Prague thats stream reached over a million views. Theyʼve also worked on production for Modestepʼs album “London Road”, as well as acquired the Skrillexʼs honorable pick on the Make It Bun Dem competition. As if this wasnʼt enough to make any bass connoisseur a believer, Teddy Killerz released their colossal studio album “Nightmare Street” in 2017 on Ram Records deeming them easily one of yearʼs most promising acts.
In addition to their extensive discography, theyʼve successfully completed two North American tours and three Australian/ New Zealand tours within the last 3 years alone. Amongst these tours were performances at some of the worldʼs most electrifying festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, Electric Forest, Boomtown, Frequence FM4, Dour, Mysteryland, and Let It Roll, further carving their names into the halls of the exponential bass music scene that we all know and love. Paralleling their achievements of recent past, the trio themselves have planned an exceptional future ahead, with promising collaborations with massive names such as Funtcase, Dion Timmer, Muzzy, Annix, AMC, and a few others as just a fraction of what they have up their ever- so talented collective sleeves. More recently, theyʼve released a collaborative project with Syngergy entitled “Smooth”, with plans to release their next EP on Eatbrain in April of 2018.
MOB TACTICS - Mob Tactics seem to be a name on people’s lips more and more of late. Already renowned for their inimitable style of techy – yet very funky, dancefloor orientated Drum & Bass, the duo appear to be going from strength-to-strength with each release. Their tunes are already firm staples in the sets of Andy C, Friction, Matrix & Futurebound, DJ Hype and Audio, to name but a few, and the demand for them on the DJ circuit is rapidly gaining momentum.
Fast forward a few years and the boys are in full swing. 2011/2012 saw several releases on the duos own imprint: Tactical Recordings – including the critically acclaimed ‘Kansas’ and a track for BTK’s Dutty Audio label entitled ‘Prang’. But it was 2013 that proved to be the most successful year to date. The dancehall tinged hit: ‘Crazy Hype’, featuring ragga legend, Elephant Man, was snapped up by Playaz. Their remix of Cause4Concern’s early 2000 anthem: ‘Soul’went on to feature in the sets of just about every man and his dog! Prolix snatched up ‘Grotbags’ for his Trendkill imprint, and legendary Andy C signed up ‘Wolf Trap’ exclusively for the sixth installment of his hugely successful ‘Nightlife’ compilations.
Now moving into the next chapter of their careers, Mob Tactics have signed exclusively to Futurebound’s Viper Recordings label with their debut single ‘Neon God’. Walking the fine line between uplifting and underground, ‘Neon God’ signals the exclusive and triumphant pairing of Viper Recordings and Mob Tactics which is going make a lot of noise, both figuratively and literally.
"What about the SOUND?!" you ask? Well we've got none other than the madmen over at Diffuse Audio providing a sound and lighting experience that will add an incredible element to this event.
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